Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chocolate Induced Posting...

It's Easter Sunday.
We've egg hunted, eaten copious amounts of chocolate, run the sugar high off and now we're crashing.
The eggs are on the stove, boiling in preparation for dying. "Are they ready yet?" is a constant mantra at the moment.
So, what better time for a quick update? LOL :)
(total aside: I wish I could show y'all some of what I've been working on most lately!!! I just finished up a Memory Makers column that is soooooo *me* that I'm dying for it to come out! And I'm decorating the heck out of my kidlets school for Spring Carnival. I was on a ladder for 2 hours yesterday painting butcher paper to turn out front office into a bank! But no pics allowed. (pouting Staci) Trust me's Cool!)
On the topic of things I can share, I wanted to share some KI lovin' first!
Has everyone seen this>>> KI Memories goes digi! :)
I'm getting ready to download it all! Happy Happy Joy Joy = Me!
Had some KI gallery fun for March too that I want to share...

This one is from the Focus On...Daydream line. Love the softie different for me, so I had to funkify it up! LOL The background is a page protector, chopped in half (so its only one thickness) and then crumpled to bits and painty perfection.

This one is for a blog challenge to "scrap a noise or conversation". More painty fun of course and still lovin' the grey right now.

How about another GASC sneak peek too?
In keeping with the KI love, how about a sneak of the KI Memories class "Get Scrap Inspired"...all about maximizing your sketch love! :) These 2 classes are just about full, so hurry. There's one at 8am on Friday (before the shopping opens, you can be learning!) and one at 4pm on Saturday (get ready to crop with lots o'sketches!) :)

Check it out...

Back soon with more!