Saturday, January 09, 2010

Love Fest - a - Rama...

It's a bona-fide love fest around these parts!

We had so much fun finishing up our Christmas goodies and making the rounds to deliver them to family (amid much present unwrapping of course!). The kids were sooooo in love with the trampoline that Santa left! It's been assembled in the back yard and getting as much use as possible when there's a freak artic blast winding its way through North Texas.

New Years was met with our usual low-key dinner, chocolate chip cookies, movies, and falling asleep before midnight! LOL :) It's tough being in your 30s in suburbia. ;)

Since then, and with the talk therapy of a good friend, I've chosen my "word of the year" for 2010. With all the crazy that swirls around me, and my typical response to either go along with it or avoid it at all costs, my word of the year is ENGAGE. I want to ENGAGE in my to the priorities I say I have. No procrastination, no avoidance...just jump in with both feet...into every moment!

Holding hands with ^that^ is my renewed energy to finish up some of these blasted house projects! I'm total decorator by nature...there's always a to-do list with projects, stuff to research, ideas to design. But my list has gotten longer and longer, instead of shorter. So we're getting some goodies done, starting with Van's room. I'm working on getting everything in tip-top shape too. Signed up for Motivated Moms and with my list-lovin' self, I'm super-excited to check, check, check off line items everyday! :) So far, so is looking cleaner than in ages and...(holding back tears of joy) laundry room is empty!!!! For stuff in hampers, no stuff in baskets, no stuff on hanging rod...EMPTY! I even scavenged all the sheets & blankets off the kids beds to have something to wash today...and they're already clean and replaced! Yes, I'm feeling a little Martha-esque! :)

Been scrap-happy too. Having stuff done around the house makes me feel not so guilty about staying up late to do a "me thing" like scrap! :) Actually created some goodies that I love and had FUN making. Check 'em out...

Sweet little side note...keep your fingers crossed for me! I think I actually have a *job opportunity* hitting next week. I've got an interview on Monday and already had an audition that went great. Woo Hoo! :)

XOXO...Stac :)