Saturday, May 24, 2008


This is one of "those" layouts. The ones that get started, find inspiration, and then somewhere along the way, they just sputter out. Partially the layout, partially my crazy-busy self, but this has been sitting on my desk for over a month! :shock: :horror: LOL But yesterday, I decided. It was going to get finished before I picked up Lilli at school. more, no less. So here it is:

The fun part is the background paper--its Scenic Route grid paper that I went over with sharpie and then colored in with map pencils. I've done this with crayons before too. Oh, highlighters might be fun! LOL Hmmm, back to the desk for more I guess! :)

Have a smilie-filled weekend! :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Thought I'd share a couple of goodies that I've done lately. :)

The first two are for the May KI Memories gallery, which you can check out here:

First up, is a layout for my blog challenge this month:

Loving my new coffee table that I scored for only $60 on craigslist. Definitely my new fave by far! :)

Next up is a card I made for a girlfriend's birthday. Bessie is my bling-a-licious girlie...she always has bling on...a.l.w.a.y.s. Its just part of who she is and goodness knows, she doesn't need it b/c she shines brightly without it. She's one of those totally gorgeous, sexy women who doesn't have to try at it, its just natural. Lucky chick! ;) And she's just so super sweet and funny, which has helped me through more than a few Mommy crisis moments! LOL :) Anyways, that was a lot of reading just to peek at a card...sorry! :)

Its been a birthday card kinda month for me too. My bestest girlfriend in the world just turned 35 last week too. She is the bravest, most good-hearted, hottie of a woman you could possible imagine and then some. :) She has changed me for the good in so many ways and I am so thankful to have her in my life. So of course, the card had to be special! :) She cried so I think I hit it on the head. :)

Off to work on some more GASC goodies! Have you registered yet? Texas online registration is closed, but Michigan is still open and I have class spots!!! :)

Have a great day! :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cooler than cool...

I have dreams of being this cool hip artsy-fartsy type. Reality: I'm a weird mom type. But luckily I have great friends, who are either equally weird or at least accepting of my weird. Enter my friend, Marla...

She is a friend of the "accepting" variety...she gets my obsessive scrappy nature, can shiggle it with the best of 'em, and is also a mom-type. So our conversations go something like this... "Did you see the new October Afternoon? Lovin' the deeries. (topic change) Who's class are we taking this week? I need some booty poppin' shiggle. (topic change) Ugh, potty training is hard! LOL But she will get it worked out this summer, right?" LOL :)

Yeah, so a couple of weeks ago, we totally LUCKED out and actually heard about a cool indie craft show in Dallas before it happened! Go us! Yep, totally...go us...and so we went. :)

Sooooo many fantastically cool and inspiring things to look at and yes, buy. ;) And buy we did! LOL :)

So, I always love it when other blogosphere folks share pics & links to cool stuff, so I thought why mess with greatness. :)

Here's Ms. Marla (remember I said we might be a little weird...immature...whatever!):

And then the goodies began...

Cute little barettes with little "present" looking fabric bits on top from broken doll. Totally adorable:

The cutest t-shirts I've ever seen from and you know I thought they were really special b/c I paid $28 for a tunic t-shirt and I'm a cheapskate deluxe! So that tells ya how much I LOVE this shirt/dress. :)

Marla and me shared a yard of some crazy cute green owl fabric. Lovin' the polka dottie green one too. :)

Such creative organic necklace designs from . Lots of birdies and trees! :)

Other faves to check out: for cool patches, journals, and more. does the most original screenprints onto wood planks...wall art, coasters, etc. has totally cool wall graphics. I bought uhm, a few...but I'll be using them on paper as "rub-ons".

There were so many other fantastic crafters there, but these were some faves! :) And we had a blast...totally and completely fun...just 2 chicks shopping, checking out crafts, and eating a dinner out sans the constant "Mommeeeeeee!" LOL Its gotta be done every once in a while! ;)

Monday, May 05, 2008

It's sinking in...

...and she's getting it. :)

We spent lots of this weekend working on the thank you notes for Lilli's birthday party friends. I minorly altered the make&take that Tracie Radke (fellow MMM'er) did at CHA. Here's the little thank you cards:

Lilli made a feeble attempt at whining about all the writing. But when I reminded her that her friends had come to celebrate with her and had very generously brought her gifts and the least she could do was writing them a 3 sentence thank you note (insert expectant look here)... Yeah, she sat right down and got to writing her little heart out. ;)

As she worked, she made mention that she hoped she had an extra. Being my daughter, I was guessing she wanted to "decorate" the card front. ;) And she quite secretively went to work on her extra card.

And then she brought me this...

and my heart started squeezing and my eyes had the pinpricks of tears. She listened to me and actually heard me. And all on her own, never a mention of it all by me, she wrote Mom and Dad a thank you note for her leopard webkinz. :) I'm a proud mama. She's getting's sinking in...

Hope you have a squeezy heart day too! :) ...Stac