Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baking and Crafting...

Couldn't be better! :)

For the KI 12 Days of Christmas blog party, I volunteered to make candy/cookie containers because that's pretty much what I spend 2 weeks doing in December anyways. :)

Everything from my (in)famous double doozies, brownie bites, cake balls, white chocolate popcorn, apple bread, and more gets mixed, baked, and prettied up in the E*Crew house! :) And then I just have to stay out of it and keep the kids out of it! LOL :) Which is even harder than it sounds! ;)

I made pretty little containers for the teachers gifts that I hope made the yummies inside taste even better! :) Here's the pics...

There's step-by-steps for each project on the KI Blog if you want to check them out.
For now, I'm back into the kitchen. I've got double doozies cooling in the fridge, apple bread to mix, and popcorn to make. Bob is working on the grandmas' photo albums. The kidlets are playing happily in the toy room, unaware that its about to be reading time (aka "quiet time") in thier rooms for a bit.

LOVE a nice cozy day at home, chilling and loving! :)
XOXO...Stac :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

KI Lovin'...Havin' a Blast...

trust're lucky you can't hear me singing along with that title. My singing is NOT something you want to hear. ;)

Point is...

I'm up for the blog challenge at the KI Memories blog ( and had a blast with the layout I made. I got to play with one of the supa-fab pics I took on our recent photo tour downtown. The kidlets were sooooo good and had sooo much fun playing on the railroad tracks, which makes me love this pic even more! :) (family members who are reading...act surprised when you see these pics in your Christmas albums, 'k?) ;)

My challenge is called "Blank Slate" and I challenged the KI blog girls to take a patterned paper and blank it out with paint. It lets just a bit of the pattern peek through prettily. I left the block where my pics/goodies were going paint-less so the pattern would help make that area pop!

Got a nice little surprise too when I came home from a day of running around to find my layout in the Top 10 Votes on 2Peas! Sah-weet! :)

So without further chattering on, here's the layout...

Now that Tayvan is napping and won't catch me, I'm off to eat a little ice cream for lunch. Sssshhhhh! ;)
XOXO...Stac :)