Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Giving Thanks...

1. Family Update: Went to Burleson for Thanksgiving. Had a nice, chill day of food and family. We ended up spending the night at SIL's house so that we could get in line at Best Buy at 2am. It was cold, windy and sucked b/c we didn't get the computer bundle we were in line for. :( But after heading back to SIL's to warm up & sleep, SIL saved Black Friday for us. She'd hit a store for what she needed & then call me for my list. While I watched the kids, she did the shopping for both of us. She *RocKs!*! :)

Settling back in to daily life now. School's back in. Hitting the gym hard-core to make up for the foodie binge. ;)

2. MotD: This is supposed to be kid related, but the biggest thing that happened lately is...

I got my copy of Espirit Scrapbooking yesterday!!!! It is so weird in the coolest way to see a whole big article about me. Still kinda thinking "Why?" but I hope that the European scrappers like the layouts I did. :) Gotta say...EEEEEKKKKKK! (picture odd little happy dance here!) Check it out...

3. Inspiration: Uhm, check me out!! ^^^^^^ Bwhahaha! Sorry, couldn't help it. ;)

Ooh, realized the scans are pretty bad. Here's some better pics of the layouts themselves. :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Yeah, I suck and I'm sorry...

This blog thing has totally gotten away from me. :(
I had a crazy-busy last bit of October. (being Red Ribbon Parent for Lilli's class took *so much time*!)
And posted to the MMM blog every week.
So I was neglectful.
And I'm sorry.
Don't know who I'm apologizing too really, b/c not many read this blog anyways...and y'all have probably left since I haven't written in a month. Maybe to myself.

1. MotD: Bad day. Mean kids at the playground (mine and others). No one wanted to do homework. Kids in bed early. I'm eating chocolate chip cookies & waiting for Heroes to start. Good news: tomorrow is a new day. That's what I tell the kids when we have a sucky day, so now I'm telling it to myself. :)

2. Family Update: Red Ribbon Week. Halloween (Queen, Darth Vader, & Snow Princess). Pumpkin Patch trip. Boo at the Zoo. Bob out of town for races or at work all night. Pulled a hamstring doing the splits (yeah that I did them to the floor, wah that I hurt myself). Thinking a lot about a boob job.

3. Inspiration: Got a great one today...straight from 2peas. They called it "organizational porn". Bwhahaha! Okay, maybe not, but its GOOD! Enjoy!

I promise to be back sooner rather than later. Okay? :)