Friday, August 31, 2007

Back to School Day thank goodness!

1. Memory of the Day:

D/T/me had a blast playing today. Lots of finger-skateboarding, dinosaurs, and blocks. We decided to make a block tower taller than Dec and we suceeded several times. Of course, before I could get any pics, they kept falling! LOL But I managed to get one pic from the probably 10 towers that we built! :)

2. E-Crew Update:

I finally found Declan a pre-k program! YEAH!!! I have been so stressed abot this since getting the letter from Ms. Diana that she wasn't going to be able to have school this year. After lots of phone calls & asking every woman that I met where their kids go to pre-k, I found one that will work. Its a great program, close to home, and somewhat reasonably priced (LOL). Dec had his Back to School day today so we got to meet the teacher, see the room, and meet lots of his classmates. He'll be going M/W/F from 9-2 so I hope he loves it and learns a lot!! :)

3. Cool Inspiration:

Etst again. You just can't beat it for finding the coolest things. :) This is one of my fave sellers. Her whole shop if filled with pretty stitched felt pillows and goodies. Check out her items sold to get the full effect. :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

1. Memory of the Day & Family Update at the same time. :)

Lilli went to the dentist today for 3 fillings. Yes, 3...poor girl. But she did soooo great! I'm so glad that we got a second opinion on her dental work & that we went with the 2nd dentist to do the work. Afterwards, on the way home, she ASKED if she could go back to school! So, with 1.5 hrs left, back she went! :)

Me/D/T went home to find my boxes from MMM and my MFM kit! WHAT A DAY!!! Pics in a sec. But the funnest part was the kids all playing in the boxes (esp. when Lilli came home too). They were playing house, making "baths" with the bubble wrap, pushing each other around in a train. I ended up doing the train thing too, pushing them all! Got my work-out for the day! LOL :)

So, I know that everyone is just dying to see my MMM loot. Heck, I've been stalking for the UPS man for a few days since they told me it was on its way! LOL :) Y'all have to understand, I don't really spend much on scrap stuff...maybe $10 a month and some months, not even that. I mostly use what MFM sends me & whatevers on sale at HL b/c I'm cheap...I mean frugal! So, just the boxes of stuff was enough to about send me into hyperventilation. But I was/am so overwhelmed with the generosity of the contest sponsers. They truly went waaaaay above & beyond any hopes/dreams I could have ever had! Now my problem is figuring out where I'm gonna put it all! And that's not a bad problem to have! LOL :) So, here it is...

Whew! Now that's a tough act to follow, but I'm gonna try b/c I have to start out being good to my topic limits! LOL :) Onto...

2. Inspiration of the Day:

I saw the cutest little coaster on etsy today! Check out the color combo (a la my in-progress living room! LOL) and the cool way she stitched the ric rac down! Love it! :) Enjoy...

Welcome, welcome...hello to all!

Bwhaha! "all" like anybody's reading this but me! But that's okay. It's been a whirlwind time lately and I'm expecting this year to be awesome too. So I'm gonna blog so that I don't forget the coolio things that happen along the way!

For the record, I guess I should introduce myself...
wife to Bobby, my hs sweetheart that I married on 1/27/97
3 cool kids--Lilli 6yo, Declan 4yo, and Tayvan almost 2yo
live in McKinney TX
love to scrap, love to dance (other than my family, these are my passions)

So, the latest...
I was selected to be a Memory Makers Master (aaaaaaaahhhhh!) and to be on the KI Memories design team (aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!) Two supa-dupa mega-huge, blow my mind opportunities! I was and still am shocked but its starting to sink in a little bit as I get to know the other girls on the teams, who have all been so friendly! :) Add these fabulous gigs to my beloved & Provocraft teams and Staci's a busy girl! :) But busy in the bestest possible way...doing something that I love!!! :)

My Plan and Proposal:
I am a crazy-wordy girl. That does not work well in blogs. So I'm going to try to keep my posts kinda limited to 3 areas--

1. Memory of the Day: This is a fabulous idea that I've been doing with the kids. Every day, I make sure that we do something special that is worthy of being the Memory of the Day. Some days, its little...playing their fave game uninterrupted by siblings; some days, its bigger...trip to the zoo. Or anything else that happens to happen. But I want to be conscious of what's happening in their lives. And I want to make myself accountable by posting up lots of what these Memories are. :)

2. Cool Finds & Inspirations: Exactly what it sounds like. Just posting up fun things that I find online or IRL.

3. Family Update: I will try to keep this brief! But I want to remember the day-to-day stuff that happens to the E-crew! :)

So there you have in a nutshell & the gameplan. If you wanna play along, GREAT!