Monday, November 12, 2007

Yeah, I suck and I'm sorry...

This blog thing has totally gotten away from me. :(
I had a crazy-busy last bit of October. (being Red Ribbon Parent for Lilli's class took *so much time*!)
And posted to the MMM blog every week.
So I was neglectful.
And I'm sorry.
Don't know who I'm apologizing too really, b/c not many read this blog anyways...and y'all have probably left since I haven't written in a month. Maybe to myself.

1. MotD: Bad day. Mean kids at the playground (mine and others). No one wanted to do homework. Kids in bed early. I'm eating chocolate chip cookies & waiting for Heroes to start. Good news: tomorrow is a new day. That's what I tell the kids when we have a sucky day, so now I'm telling it to myself. :)

2. Family Update: Red Ribbon Week. Halloween (Queen, Darth Vader, & Snow Princess). Pumpkin Patch trip. Boo at the Zoo. Bob out of town for races or at work all night. Pulled a hamstring doing the splits (yeah that I did them to the floor, wah that I hurt myself). Thinking a lot about a boob job.

3. Inspiration: Got a great one today...straight from 2peas. They called it "organizational porn". Bwhahaha! Okay, maybe not, but its GOOD! Enjoy!

I promise to be back sooner rather than later. Okay? :)


LisaNRoxy said...


I am still here!! Sorry you had to deal with mean kids. Love the web site!

Love your MM posts too!

Daisy said...

People should read this.