Sunday, August 03, 2008

Desperate times...

call for desperate measures! LOL

I went away to GASC in Michigan last week.
It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, downtown area, the hotel.
Oh My...the hotel was hard-core fancy-schmancy!
And here I come in cut-off jean capris! Oh well...they're my fave! ;)

My weekend consisted of:
teaching classes, shopping the show floor, dinners with the GASC & MM folks, shopping at a crazy-huge lss, teaching classes some more, checking out the downtown shops, hunting for diet coke, and of course...scrapping!

Actually, I didn't take any scrap supplies with me b/c I usually am too busy & tired to scrap on these weekends away. But I was feeling particularly inspired and got a bit...desperate! LOL :) I ended up searching through magazines for a picture that I could scrap! I know, I sounds pitiful. But luckily I was still reading a June woman mag and it had wedding tidbits in it! I chopped a great little generic wedding-ish pic out and it totally gave me an opportunity to tell a story that I needed to put in my album, but hadn't b/c I haven't been sure how to tell the story without pics. Catch-22, see? :)

So,'s what I came up with...

This is 98% product that I bought right there on the shopping floor at GASC! And its really more about the journaling, but of course...yummy goodies are always fun to scatter about! :)

Flash forward...I get home and get to scrappy plans for my KI projects this month. One photo paper in sight! Oopsie! ;) Again, it worked out...I scrapped some pics off the fridge that I've been meaning to get to and got a little hybrid up in here too! :)

Check it out...

Rest assured, my desperate times are over though. Got a big ole box o'photo paper today! Back to scrapping my pics...yes pics...without restriction! ;)

Oh, got a great story to share about my Saturday night too, but I wanna wait till I download pics so that I can show and tell both! :) Suffice it to say that the story involves 1. a mansion, 2. bunches of hottie women, 3. photographers/makeup artists/hair stylists, 4. bootie shakin' and so much more! Peeked your curiosity yet? Yeah, I figured! ;) I'll download and try to post up the details early this week! ;)

XOXO...Stac :)

ETA: Oh.My.Gosh!!! Crystal is the absolute bestest evah! :) She's the fab chickie that drove us to the hugest scrapbook store I've ever seen! Check out her blog on the MM site for the hilarious pics of the shopping trip! ;),guid,97ac5c12-8401-43a3-bc23-4773d5a6b418.aspx
Her family was with her and there's great pics of them too! She has super-sweet kidlets (Harper made me feel right at home...she's such a talker so we clicked right off!) and great mom/sis combo! It made me so happy when a stranger on the street thought I belonged with them, especially since I'm missing my red hair right now! They were so adorable...a family chock full o'love and fun! :)

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