Friday, October 17, 2008

Drumroll please...

And the winner is...
Sandy said...
I'm always up for a possible goodie envelope. How nice of you. Happy, Happy birthday. I hope it is your best ever!
7:29 PM

Sandy...if you'll email me your addy, I'll get your goodies out to you! :)
clap clap clap clap
Congrats! :)
And on to tattoo pics b/c I know you've all just been dying to see, right? LOL :) I will say that it was quite the experience. Bob thinks I handled it better than he did...something about a higher pain tolerance from childbirth. Cracked me up! :) :) :) But he was the only one who cussed about the pain (totally out of character btw!). But they look great...or they will...when the swelling goes down! :)
XOXO...Stac :)


shannon tidwell said...

you have my son's name on your wrist.:)

Tammy Skinner said...

I like it Staci! How did you guys pick the "e crew"? and why on your wrist? I'm guessing it means Etheridge Crew... in other words family. Right? I love the idea that you guys had a 'tattoo date'! Maybe I can talk my hubby into that one day!