Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ta-Da..I'm here! :)

See, I can be good...sometimes. I'm back and just a couple of days later to boot! :)

1. MotD: Whoops, didn't happen today by a long stretch. We were busy. We were running around. It was just a busy day...and I wasn't able to set aside time for something special. Well, the kids would probably say that dinner was special...Mickey D's (every kids fave) eaten in the van on the way home! LOL Yeah, not a Great Mom day, but its cool. Just one of those things.

2. Family Update: We were so busy today b/c unfortunately my lss is closing!! I love my lss and shop there whenever I can, but with my budget I'm not exactly floating their business by any stretch. I'm sad to see them go for sure though. And of course I had to hit the 50% sale today...along with every other scrapper in the whole freakin' area!!!! Ultimately, it took me 3 trips to the store (~20 min each way!) to shop, get a number to pay, and actually pay. UGH! But I got some cool goodies that I'm thrilled with so that's what counts right! :)

Oh, Amy...I'm redecorating our living room. Its been a sorta Pottery Barn chic (well, knock-off PB anyways)...lots of tan, red, chocolate. But I've gotten where I feel it doesn't reflect me & my love of color & funk so much anymore. I'm moving towards a more flea market chic look...vintagey, collected, random. Just kinda "if I like it, it goes"...regardless of what it is. :) I've traded tan couches for bright red ones. Bought the vintage turquoise chair. And once it gets here, I'm going to paint a focal wall turquoise to coordinate with the chair and order fabric for a couple of pillows. Just a deliciously fun process for me b/c I LOVE LOVE LOVE to decorate! :)

3. Inspiration: Okay, I've been hoarding this one. Its one of my absolute favorites. But I'm feeling guilty at such a blah blog entry so I'm doling out the good stuff! Check this site out and fall in love...I want to own every tshirt. But the best part is...even if I can't buy them, I can totally use them as scrap-inspiration! :)


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