Friday, October 12, 2007

What a week...

1. MotD: Declan sounded out 3 words!!!!! I could literally start flipping cartwheels!!! I am so excited and proud of him!!! A couple of weeks ago, we were sitting at a stoplight & he "read" the sign beside us..."That says 'no'!" We were shocked to say the least. I've continued working on the letter names (he knows sounds 110% but not the names as well) & writing them & his name. Today, we had a few minutes & sat down in front of the fridge to play with Tayvan's magnet letters. I made "cat", "dog", "rat", "jog" & a few letter blends & we went to town. I had to help a little bit, but he totally sounded them out & figured out the words!!!

2. Family Update: Allergies Suck. Big Time. I am absolutely miserable with allergies, but its my own fault. In some bad idea version of my day yesterday, I decided to walk outside, weed the flower beds, & air out the house in the same day. Bad Idea. But Clairitin is my friend. Vapo-rub too. Lilli's taking care of me & Bob took me to dinner b/c I was not cooking. ;)

3. Inspiration: Gonna be a tad bit selfish here. Check out the new DT gallery at KI! All the girls did layouts about themselves & each one is absolutely fabulous!! My layout is one of my faves in ages!!! :)


~*AMY*~ said...

wow girl that is one rockin' lo! i wish i had a shred of your talent!!!!

dannigirl aka*croppin cowgirl said...

hey girlie,
i am tagging you.see my blog for details.