Wednesday, July 02, 2008


No, not *that* kind! ;)

In a well balanced diet, there is always the rush of a bit o'junk food, right? Or if you are me, there are *way too many* Chick Fil A stops in a week (uhm 2 already & its only Wednesday! eek!).

I point was (is) that sometimes ya need a quickie in your life.

Like last night.
I had a scrappin' urge, but was oh so tired.

Gave myself a midnight deadline and *started* at 10:15pm. In just under 2 hours, I'd selected pics, photoshopped them a teeny bit, printed & trimmed them, picked products to play with, done a little minor technique magic, pushed the scrappin' bits around a while, stuck everything down, took my layout photo (in the dark no less & with flash/transparency issues), photoshopped the layout pic, and posted. In under 2 hours. I think its a record for me. LOL :)

Now is it my bestest layout in the whole wide world?

But sometimes fast food, I mean quickie scrappin is good for the soul. There is some sense of satisfaction to just getting it done on occassion. And its pretty cute I think? Wait, its a boy page...not cute. Its Rockin' Cool, right? ;)


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Lindsay said...

I think it's wicked cute...okay, wicked rockin' cool! :) Great job! And I'm impressed with your scrapping speed. It would have taken me 2 hours at the computer alone, haha...