Saturday, January 17, 2009

CHA Prep...

I'm totally consumed.
With CHA right around the corner, I am a whirlwind of to-do lists.
Most involve shopping in some way--for clothes, for likes/loves in the new releases, and as always for house decorations. :)

There's so many squeal-worthy new goodies coming out. I just can't wait to get to Cali and see them all IRL. I'm hard-core working at the show...for MM and GASC. Be sure to check out the MM editors blog during the show, starting the night of 1/24. I'll be posting a daily update with pics of what I see and love! :)

Speaking of things I love, here's the two layouts from my new column in the Jan/Feb MM on houndstooth:

1. featuring the Hambly love

2. featuring Sonburn and Dream Street Papers

Back to the lists!
To do, to do, to do! :)
XOXO...Stac :)

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