Friday, January 02, 2009

Uhm, hi...

So. Yeah. I. Totally. Suck.
I didn't mean to suck so desperately badly, but I had some "stuff" come up and it took way higher priority than blogging.
Bad Staci.
No worries...I've been yelled at for my lack of blogging, by friends and family alike.
So sorry everyone.
But I'm back.

Quick-ish Update:
* sick, sick, sick...severe strep throat for me and what ended up to be a systemic strep infection for Tayvan

* Red Ribbon Week at school: made 40+ award ribbons using my trusty Cricut and some hand-stitching on scrap fabric. Turned out super cute if I say so myself, especially considering my budget for them!

* Halloween: Lilli=vampire, Declan = pirate, Tayvan = Little Bo Peep, fun was had by all and then the sickies (me & Van) went back to bed

* PTA crazy! Served as the canned food drive organizer (925 cans!!!)

* Made Spirit Gear spirit flags. Think Texas mum (streamers, noisemakers, etc) hanging from a pennent flag instead of a flower. Fun and the kids love them.

* Bob started a new job that he loves and is a huge blessing for our family. Go Bob! :) One of the first things we did was go to his company picnic, which was basically a free for all day at Six Flags. Tayvan stayed behind with Grana (sickie again), but the rest of us had an absolute BLAST! :)

* Photo editing for my step-sis' baby shower. Pics turned out great...she was a gorgeous mom-to-be (cutie patootie baby Baron was born Dec. 3!)

* Thanksgiving at MawMaw Ilene's was different this year. I actually got to make the main entree. We're not big on tradition, so I went with chicken cordon blue. :) Here's a layout I did for KI Memories about it:

* PTA crazy again! Served as toy drive organizer (240 toys!!), co-organizer for winter parties for Lilli's & Dec's class.

* Lots of photo prep for the grandparents annual e*crew photo album.
* Lots of baking, baking, and more baking. Had fun with goodie bag toppers for a KI challenge.

* January/February Memory Makers hit the newstand!!!! Eeeeeeeeekkkkkk! :) So excited about the new column! Crazy ecstatic giggling excited! :) And Lilli is such a proud girl, keeps calling it "her magazine" b/c she's on the cover. She quietly told me that I need to put Tayvan on a cover now b/c it's only fair. Bwhahaha! :) From her mouth to the MM folks ears! ;)

* School starts back tomorrow and with it our return to routine. I need to get my bootie back in the right gear! We're a little scattered here, but I'm on it! Got the dry erase boards out and everything today! LOL :)
And on that note, I'm going to shut my long-winded trap.
Oh, with a little promise (resolution?) to be a better blogger!
Promise! :)

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