Monday, August 31, 2009

Big ol' update-o-rama! :)

Yeah, so I've fallen into bad blogger habits! In my defense, I was off doing the Mom Thing which is always first priority! :)

So the quick rundown of events...

* 2 Back to School nights which had tons of PTA prep--delivering all the school supplies & spirit gear, setting up the booths, selling spirit gear

* meeting the kids teachers went super well. I think Lilli has a really great teacher this year and Declan is in love with his teacher b/c she has a pet snake and pet lizard in the class. LOL :)

* first day of school fun...getting the kids ready in the perfect outfit, loads of pics, and off to school! Neither kidlet wanted "maahmm" (you know the tone) to walk them into class...they were truly off on their own like big kids! And Mom was off to more PTA meetings and spirit gear booth selling.

* got Tayvan set up for her first school experience (other than working with me at the big kids school). Picking a school that actually has openings, is cost effective, and of course is awesome for the little one is *hard!* We had Meet the Teacher night for her last weekend too. Again, she was totally fine when I stepped out for the parent meeting. I came back and she was just working the room, introduced me to her new friends, and said she wasn't ready to go yet. LOL :)

* ^that^ is the highlights of the last couple of weeks, but of course mix in about 5 meetings at the school, loads of paperwork, researching community program options for the year, school clothes shopping, new glasses for Lilli, reorganizing the house for school mode, and probably a bunch of other stuff I forgotten by now! ;)
In my scrappy world, I've been having a blast working bit by bit on the mini album for our Sea World trip! It ended up a little huge and that's with some of the pics stuffed into the little kraft envelopes I built the album out of! But I figure that's okay b/c its all the family funsies! :)

Fair warning, pics galore below so grab a cup of coffee and come along on an e*crew family vacay! :)

Whew! That's a ton and then some, but the vacay was so fun that the album had to be show it all! :) Everything is KI Memories, kraft envelopes, sequins, and lots of paint! :)
XOXO...Stac :)

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iris said...

wow wow wow!! Missed seeing your colorful, spunky, energetic pages Staci! This is amazing. Congrats on the feature!