Monday, August 17, 2009

Wanna Share...

with my living room makeover all done, I felt the need...
the need for scrappy love time!
Okay, so it doesn't have the same ring as "the need for speed", but if you've met me IRL, you know that I don't need speed...most folks want me to slow down a bit (in the car, how fast I talk, how much I can run through on a to do list, etc). LOL :)

Anyways, back to the current tangent.
My scrap happy self.

So I wanted to make a doo-dad to hang in the foyer on my huge green cabinet and thought I'd play with some digi goodies and go old-school too. Check it out...and the details are below the pic so don't run away...

The frame & skull are digi brushes from KI Memories. I erased the original eyes on the skull, replaced one with the "target" style eye, and filled in with a big feltie flower & button stacks for the other eye. The yellow portions of the frame are hand colored with Canvas Corp.'s *awesome* colored pencils. A blood red bow with a safety pin b/c you know she's a tough bow-head! LOL The hanger is one side of a long black zipper. Oh, and the skull & bones are mega-popped with foam tape.

All in all, she's lots of fun! And a little tough! And a lot of bright, which I'm sure expected by now. ;)

Back with the story of my adventurous weekend soon! ;) Let's just say it involved Possum Kingdom Lake (hey, I live in Texas okay?), a lot of family, science lessons using dead animals, and more. Can't wait, right? I'll write it up and post it up asap! :)

Off to PTA all day! :)

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Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Hi Staci :) Just came over from 2peas. Thanks for looking through my work and glad you commented because I have now visited your blog, love your work and adding your blog to my bloglines and links.