Monday, August 03, 2009

Check Mark...

I'm a total list girl. It's a coping mechanism for my total flakiness. LOL
Hey, the important thing is that I admit the issue and then solve the problem, right? ;)
Anyway, there is nothing like the joy of marking stuff off The To-Do List.

This weekend, I got to make a big ol' checkmark on my To-Do List. It's called "The Living Room". That's right, room down!!!! (2 to go downstairs but don't be a buzzkill) ;)
As promised, I wanted to post pics of the room when its done. Post-painting & flooring, we've moved back in the couches, rug, furniture, quilts, new pillows, knick knacks, and more stuff that I've probably forgotten.

I've got one little blank wall area that will eventually get a pic but I'm not worried. It's just on my "I'll know it when I find it list". ;) The shopping list has much more pressing the rug-for-the-toyroom issue. My mom & grandma came up yesterday to see the new love, but they veto-ed the addition rug with a comment of "too crazy". LOL :) I'm thinking maybe a zebra print instead. (you think I'm kidding but I'm serious!) We'll see what I can find though. :)

On the scrappy front, I *need* to scrapbook! Desperately...NEED! My kids know that I need to, my husband knows that I need to, I know that I need that's next on my to-do list for tonight. LOL :)

I did make a couple of little cards a bit ago that make me smile though. Check 'em out...

This one uses my new Tim Holz sunburst stamp. I'd been eyeing it forever and finally gave it to its siren call! :) The big smiley patch is from the Target $ Spot.

This one is with Cosmo Cricket Jack's World. Such a cutie green giraffe and the yellow stripe is a new fave I think. :)

Well, off to scrappyland for a bit!
XOXO...Stac :)


Vee said...

your living room looks amazing!! I love the color! :)

Breinn Richter said...

Love, Love, LOVE the new living room! Heard all the buzz and had to check it out for myself.

kristenspyker said...

Great Style, love the confidence. I tend to get 'scared' of color when I am decorating.
Very inspiring.