Monday, May 05, 2008

It's sinking in...

...and she's getting it. :)

We spent lots of this weekend working on the thank you notes for Lilli's birthday party friends. I minorly altered the make&take that Tracie Radke (fellow MMM'er) did at CHA. Here's the little thank you cards:

Lilli made a feeble attempt at whining about all the writing. But when I reminded her that her friends had come to celebrate with her and had very generously brought her gifts and the least she could do was writing them a 3 sentence thank you note (insert expectant look here)... Yeah, she sat right down and got to writing her little heart out. ;)

As she worked, she made mention that she hoped she had an extra. Being my daughter, I was guessing she wanted to "decorate" the card front. ;) And she quite secretively went to work on her extra card.

And then she brought me this...

and my heart started squeezing and my eyes had the pinpricks of tears. She listened to me and actually heard me. And all on her own, never a mention of it all by me, she wrote Mom and Dad a thank you note for her leopard webkinz. :) I'm a proud mama. She's getting's sinking in...

Hope you have a squeezy heart day too! :) ...Stac

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