Saturday, May 24, 2008


This is one of "those" layouts. The ones that get started, find inspiration, and then somewhere along the way, they just sputter out. Partially the layout, partially my crazy-busy self, but this has been sitting on my desk for over a month! :shock: :horror: LOL But yesterday, I decided. It was going to get finished before I picked up Lilli at school. more, no less. So here it is:

The fun part is the background paper--its Scenic Route grid paper that I went over with sharpie and then colored in with map pencils. I've done this with crayons before too. Oh, highlighters might be fun! LOL Hmmm, back to the desk for more I guess! :)

Have a smilie-filled weekend! :)


Donna said...

LOVE the new layout!!! I cannot believe that it took you a month to complete that one!

Marla said...

Awesome! I'm sure it feels good to finally be done with it and have it off your desk!