Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Kids Make Me...

A Happy Mamma! :)

It seems so rare these days, but every once in awhile, my kids actually seem to like each other. I totally lucked into these shots! Lilli was reading to the little ones from their favorite Snake Dicitonary book (yes, really) and I was walking down the stairs with my camera. Total Lucky Moment! I was able to snap off several shots before Tayvan caught me & they started cheesin' for the camera. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE these candid shots...all pajama'd up, fingers in their mouths as always, snuggly in them! :)

And of course, the pics were perfect for this little grouping of birdies I found in my new box of KI goodies. They're from various bits of the Friendship line. Awwww, Friends! I hope, with all my heart, that these kiddos are friends...forever. :) The birds were beggin' for a tree, so I went to my fave Tia Bennett digi one.

Been spray paint playing a lot lately. After lots and lots of trial/error, I finally found a way that works for me. I am spraying onto transparencies (or chopped up page protectors in this case) from way up high. You get little splotches of paint without warping the paper. And best of the best, if I get too heavy-handed with the spray paint & its a bit too much, I can just save the transparencies for another project & haven't wasted my $$paper$$. ;) It might not be the best option, but its working for me for now! :)
Got lots done today too...birthday party-check, porch rockers-check, vintage formica table-check but too small so need a change of plans with him, lots of little jobs around the house accomplished today too (thanks Bob!).
Off to figure out dinner & then some late-night scrappin' after the kids crash tonight. :)
XOXO...Staci :)

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