Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's Rock...

We're total rock stars in our family.
Well, in our own minds at least! LOL :)

But don't tell Declan that.
He is certain that he's a rock star or will be one.
He is the coolest lil punk you'll ever meet.
Totally into rock music, skateboarding, doing tricks on his bike, skulls, and great clothes!
Love that guy!

Here he his best... ;)

Lots of fun goodies from my stash--some Jillibean Soup, Cosmo Cricket, Doodlebug, & Reminisce. The patch is one that Declan earned at a skateboard thing last summer...saved it for the perfect layout and this one felt right. I can't remember the manufacturer on the skull paper that I chopped to bits...I'll keep searching or if anyone can clue me in, I'd appreciate it! :)
Gearing up for GASC-Chantilly VA! Just a couple more days till I'll be chillin' on the plane, heading to a weekend of super fun teaching & shopping!
Oh, and in a fit of total OCD, I've researched Zumba classes in VA that are within the 3 mile radius the hotel shuttle will take me. Hopefully, the few gyms/classes that I've scoped out will let me in & the classes will be as bootie poppin' as Dara's classes are! :)
XOXO...Stac :)

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