Friday, June 12, 2009

Squeezin' some JUICY SUMMER!

I love mail days that come with big boxes of goodies! So ready to play! I have boxes o' stuff sitting ready for me to dig in...some stuff I bought at GASC, some stuff I "got" at GASC, some Studio Calico stuff delivered while I was at GASC, and then...da da da daaaaa.....a Big Box of KI Memories goodies! :)

The day I got the KI goodies, Shannon so very sweetly reminded us that we could use our new Juicy Summer stuff for this week's Focus On... blog post. YES! Girl, I love a deadline and a direction, so I got to work on some fun stuffs with the new Juicy Summer line. Couldn't help but throw some hybrid KI into the mix (Clark paper altered a teeny bit & the frame set), but mostly, it's all Juicy Summer papers & bits.

My GASC friends will know of my not-so-secret love for the pleated flower. Why yes, I am a Paper Pleating Princess! ;) So, of course, there's a papery flower friend on this one.

Here's pics...

Tonight, I'm hoping/planning to play with some Friendship line stuffs. And then oh-so-happily dig into my Studio Calico kit! :) I promise to post pics of more goodies as soon as possible this weekend!!!
Oh, and fingers crossed for me on the homefront! I am making some mega-major progress on my Summer Home Improvement to-do list. Bought rockers for the front porch, found a craigslist deal on a new kitchen table, picked out my new yellow paint yesterday. Next up, getting chairs put together (ahem, Bob!!!) and getting quotes for paint. I think I'm going to hit the floor outlet store to hunt some deals too! :) House pics soon too! ;)
XOXO...Staci :)

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