Monday, June 08, 2009

Lucy...I'm Home....

Back. Home. Now.
It's been a crazy-fun, super-busy, wacked-up weekend of scrappy goodness! I gonna say that GASC Arlington was a 110% success! :)

I had 4 days of classes...morning till night, literally all day. Mostly all great reviews. I warn folks about my hyperactivity and that they'll love it or hate it. LOL I think most folks love it, or at least can handle it in small doses. Bwahahahah! :) Poor Marla, she has to live with it for the whole week of crazy Staci! :)

Got some awesome deals too! Can't wait to scrap with the yummy Heidi Swapp goodies I got (love me some mirror butterflies!), Basic Grey chipboard alphas that I've been lusting for, and more. My biggest splurges were a surprise to all...stamps! I'm apparently fully infected with the stamp obsession. Got some **super love** Sassafras ones that you'll be sick of seeing b/c I'm so in love that I think they're my new fave & I haven't even used them yet! And shocker of shocks, I actually spent $19 of my own hard-to-let-it-go cash on one set of stamps from Technique Tuesday. But in my defense, they're Ali Edwards & there was a cute sample showing them so I was totally sucker punched into buying them! ;) I think they're by far the most expensive stamp I've ever bought...maybe even the most expensive scrappy thing I've ever bought! LOL :) I'm not sure that's a good line for me to have crossed b/c now I'll probably do it again & not give it a second thought! ;) (nah, I'm still too cheap for words!) :)

Let's see...what else? Found a fave booth at "Glue" with lots of flair button pins that I stocked up on. Also got some new charms for my junk necklace & a super cute wooden rolodex thing that I'm dying to play with...spray paint, here I come! :)

All in all, I need to clean up my desk space (ugh!), get all this scrappy inspiration to good use, and create, create, create! I also figured out that I need to get my teachy self out to some stores too! LOL I had no less than a bajillion people ask me 1. what store I teach at or 2. if I'd come to their store. The answers are 1. no where right now, and 2. heck yeah baby! Need to print my business cards again and mail those babies out! ;) (excuse me for a moment while I add that to my to-do list!) :)

Oh yeah, gotta get back to school work Sarah, I haven't forgotten that I'm smack in the middle of my PTA spirit gear drive! ;) It's totally on my to-do list too! What's a mom, if not a multi-tasker extrodinaire?! :)

Those of you that took my classes...sooooo great to see your bright & smiling faces! I love to laugh with ya, or let ya laugh at's all good as long as your laughing, smiling, and having scrappy fun! :) I'll have pics up of some of the projects soon as I find my camera again. It's buried in my suitcase of purchases! LOL :) And if you took pics in my classes...of me, of you, of us, of projects...please oh please email them to me!!! I'd love to see them! And if you don't mind, I'll even post them here for other folks to love too. :)

Well, as I'm back to Mom Mode today, I'm off to start the rounds of swimming lessons & tutoring sessions. Back super soon though with project pics, new scrappy fun, and more crazy Staci ramblings. Deal? :)
XOXO...Stac :)


LisaReed said...

OMG. We had so much fun and arrived home VERY tired. Nothing like you, I'm sure. This was Grace's second scrapbooking convention and I'm afraid she's HOOKED. She got pages and pages of layouts done. I got three done because the phone rang constantly while I was on "vacation." Nonetheless, you certainly delivered in your classes - as always. We came away very inspired. Thank you & see you next time!

Angie P said...

I had an amazing time on your Girl Friday Galore class...I'm blogging my lil ambum and it will be on my blog monday june 15