Thursday, April 24, 2008

Earth Day. Its been a whole week of festivities at Lilli's school. Trying to bring focus to our world in fun, creative ways for the kids.

One of the projects is a Family Recycled Art Project. We had to create art completely from items that can be recycled. Lilli and I brainstormed and I remembered a super-cute mirror frame I'd seen at Urban Outfitters. That one was made with teeny rolled bits of papers. I thought folding would be easier for almost-7yo fingers so we went with a folded magazine bits wreath.

We got to work. Lilli did so great...really doing her best to get everything lined up when she folded all the paper bits, so careful. She was working solid with me through the first magazine. By the time we hit the second one, she was done. Poor baby fingers worked to the bone. LOL :) So Mom is the one staying up tonight to finish it off.

Turned out pretty cute I think. In a random, handmade kinda way. ;)

Lovin' the little family art projects. Can't wait to do more this summer!

Oh, and I hung it on the door to surprise Lilli in the morning. She'll be excited b/c my little clone was worry-warting about it not being done in time for the 1st grade tour.

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