Friday, April 25, 2008

Spirituality in a Song...

I am a spiritual being. Not religious. Not particularly active in my faith (unfortunately). But I am spiritual. My beliefs guide my core values, the presence I give to those around me, the goals I work towards. And sometimes, it's a little thing that reminds me to tune myself, to the world, to the blessings in my life.

That's what this song by Flyleaf ( does for me. I LOVE Flyleaf. I have for ages. But this song gives me goosebumps on the 1000th time, just like on the 1st time. That's rare and special, so I take advantage. Next time, your sitting at a stop light, look over at the car next to you. See that Minivan Mom, singing her heart out, banging her head? Yeah, that's me. I'm at church...back in 2 minutes with a lightened heart. :)

Scrap-wise...lots of random goodies on this one! Only took about 20 minutes (other than the writing) b/c I just pulled out my baggie of samples from CHA and picked whatever faves jumped out at me. Love no-brainer projects sometimes, just mix and go! LOL :) Have a great day! ...S :)

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Donna said...

Love the layout, Staci! The picture is great and I really like your embellishment cluster.