Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mad for Madras...

I've been seeing it everywhere. A little pop of spring/summer fun! I'm all about mixing patterns and bright colors, so this is right up my alley! :)

Check out these pics...
These are from Target, The Company Store, and JCrew. Soooo super cute! I've managed to get Lilli into some cutie madras shorts, I'm working on getting Bob into some long bermuda ones (sedate brown so as not to scare the poor man), and have my eye on a little beverage bucket I saw this weekend. Might have to throw a party to justify that purchase! ;)

Naturally, anything that I see in out in the "real world" gets translated to my scrappin' addiction. And the search for madras plaid paper began. And ended...rather abruptly unfortunately. I have plaid papers, but no madras...not even plaid in the vibrant hues that are calling my name "Staciiiiiii, use meeeeee!" ;)

So what's a scrap-desperate girl to do? Well, since I wasn't making a late night fabric run (don't laugh...I've done it!), this chick took out those cutie shorts of her daughters! I took a macro pic of them, photoshopped it up a bit for extra oomph, and printed it onto matte photo paper. Yep, I made my own madras plaid paper from Lilli's shorts! LOL :) And you know what? My Madras-Mad Self was quite happy with the result! :)

Check it out...

Supplies: Adhesive (Adhesive Technologies, Provocraft), Buttons (Autumn Leaves), Patterned paper (Dream Street Papers), Pen (Sharpie, Uniball), Rhinestons (Glitz Designs), Ribbon (Cream City Ribbon), Stamps (Fontwerks), Stickers (American Crafts, Autumn Leaves), Misc.: staples
Madras. Yes, its everywhere. Learn to love it and the springy happy feelings it gives you! And of course, scrap with it...however necessary! ;)
Have a smilie-filled day! ...Staci :)

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Donna said...

Love the layout, Staci! Making you rown madras paper is pure genius!