Monday, April 21, 2008

Right Place, Right Time...

Man, I had one of those weekends!
No, not the ones where you wished Monday would Hurry.Up.Already. LOL
We had a *GREAT* weekend!

Saturday morning: Garage Sale Heaven!
The kids and I hit a couple of sales in McKinney.
At one I found some gorgeous vintage greeting cards that the lady GAVE me! Sah-weet! :) And then I found this...

Coolest thing evah! Totally made me smile all I bought it. What am I going to do with it you might ask? Uhm, the answer is: I've got no idea! But I will figure it out and it will be fabulous! ;)

Then off to a HUGE community sale in Providence. I hate going to Providence. Its a delightfully Mayberry little neighborhood, full of cute little painted houses, with sidewalks where kids lay about coloring with chalk, playgrounds every block, fishing ponds, etc. Sounds quite nice, doesn't it? That's the problem!! Everytime I go there, I want to MOVE there! LOL We actually talked seriously about it a couple of years ago, but the drive didn't make sense for Bob. One day, I'll live in Mayberry...

Oh, back to the garage sale! :) We parked & walked up to a lady with a blanket-full of toddler girl clothes. All fancy-brands that I don't pay retail for and all in Tayvan's size. The lady says she wants to go shop too, so I needed to start picking stuff up b/c she was dealing. Well, I do what I'm told so I gathered up an armful of stuff and she says $1 an item. Uhm, WHAT??? $1 for Gymboree stuff with the tags still on it? (picture me gathering more goodies) All said, I bought $18 worth of stuff...great stuff and went on happily with a stroller full of designer duds, imagining all the great pics I was going to take of Van in the cutie clothes. :) On my way back down the other side of the street 20 minutes later, the lady waves me over and tells me that she's taking the rest to Goodwill so if I want anything for free, I'd better grab it! I asked her if she was really, really sure and when she nodded, I started picking more before I fainted away with joy! :)

So, this is my loot for a whopping $18! Every piece is either Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, or The Children's Place. I took the tags off about 10 pieces!

On Sunday, Bob wanted to take the kids and me to the Superdome to watch the bike races with another family. Being such a fantastic wife, I said yes and acted like I meant it. ;) Really, it was pretty cool, but pretty darn scary b/c those guys are going 40+ mph and they're [thisclosetoeachother]. Luckily, Bob knows better than to ask for a new bike to tackle that side of his biking hobby. When the kids got rambuctious, me and the other mom took off for her house where the kids could be safely crazy and we could sit on the couch. Her house was totally decorated all cute & y'all know I'm a total sucker for decorating talk. :) She told me about a resale shop in The Colony that I'm gonna hit tomorrow. Fingers crossed they have some goodies for me b/c I'm on a decorating roll!

Totally, a Right Place, Right Time kinda weekend! :)

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