Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So what's the correct etiquette here? When you fall off the face of the blogger earth, and then unceremoniously show up again? Apologies...that sounds like a good start. So I'm sorry to anyone who may have been reading when I *poof* vanished. Of course, there's probably no one here now but me, but that's cool. Maybe folks will come back to chitter-chat with me eventually! LOL :)

Can I make it up a little bit with a cute digi project that I did this week?

Lilli's first friend birthday party is coming up. I can't believe she's about to be 7yo! So of course, I wanted to make the invites, but didn't feel that would be practical for the kids to smush into backpacks. LOL :) Digi to the rescue!! I'm relatively comfy with photoshopping pics, but not used to doing full-out digi layouts. So that made it a fun challenge and let me keep the Creative Staci happy and the Practical Staci satisfied. :)

I won't finish with promises of daily posts or anything crazy like that. I want to blog for me, for my family. It is important to me and so I will do my best.

Have a smilie-filled day!! :)

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rachel said...

Glad to see you back. I read on MFM that you are going to teach in MI. If you ever come to Illinois I am ON IT. =)