Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In Love. Crazy.

No, not crazy in love. No, not in love and crazy. In Love. Crazy. Two totally separate things happening right now! LOL :)
1. In Love.

Had Lilli & Dec's joint birthday party this weekend. Spent the day before running around doing PTA/school stuff and Bob (who was a bit sick) spent the day with some combination of the kids, cleaning the house top to bottom. He's such a fantastic guy and I'm totally In Love with him. The party was great. Hadn't seen family in a while it seemed. Plus, its kinda nice to show that I can be a little Suzy Homemaker/Betty Crocker when the situation calls for it. I know most of them had their doubts about that previously, but I've settled into a good rhythm with my domestic talents. ;) The kids were super great--polite, not too crazy, and had loads of fun. Cousin Jeremy learned a new skill...balloon animals! They had an absolute BLAST watching him make animal after animal, and they've played with the balloons just as much as their birthday toys. :) Totally In Love with the kiddos and think every day is such a major blessing that I get to spend watching and helping them grow up. Last but not least LOL, I got a new muffin/cupcake pan. Its the bestest in the whole wide world and I am totally In Love with it. It's here: http://www.wilton.com/store/site/product.cfm?sku=2105-955&CMP=AFC-CCF

By Wilton and that pic doesn't do it justice at all. Its got super deep, mega huge cupcake tins. The holes are big enough that it takes one cake recipe (or mix) to make 6 cupcakes! Excuse me, off to cuppiecake heaven! :) :) Check out the pic of the strawberry and chocolate ones from the party! :)

2. Running short on time, so on to the Crazy. :)

GASC is this week. Soon. Really really soon. I'm nervous about the teaching b/c I'm doing so many classes. Its a nervous excitement though. I just want to do a fantastic job b/c I know how important a day away with the girls is for all the folks taking classes and shopping. I want to make their getaway day as awesome as possible. The other bit of crazy comes from all the prep work still going on! Eeek! Yes, still prepping stuff! All my kits are finally done (thanks Bob!), some got mailed off and are confirmed delivered, some are ready to load up for the drive to Arlington, some are ready to go to Michigan. And then my doorbell rang yesterday and...I got more kits!!! Scenic Route goodies got here and now I'm totally golden! But my house looks like a bomb went off, which totally makes this Neat Freak go a little crazy! LOL Check out the kit goodness...

Well, I'm to go shopping for a new goodie or two to wear at GASC. Teaching is a good excuse for a new shirt or skirt, right? :) And then to hit the gym to get my shiggles out! :) See y'all soon! :) :)

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