Friday, July 17, 2009

Back to Normal-ish...

The Floors Are Finished!
The Floors Are Finished!
The Floors Are Finished!
I have the biggest perma-grin ever. This is something Bob & I have wanted since we bought this house...8 years ago! Now, they're finally here and I looooooooove them so very much. It's actually quite obscene! I totally laid down on the nasty floor, but did manage to refrain from kissing them. A girl's gotta have her limits, right? ;)
I've got most of the big furniture pieces back in the house, just a cabinet or two still hanging out in the garage. Along with *lots* of decorative bits and baubles that need to find new homes. {{Happy Dance!}} Re-decorating makes me happy, especially when its my just needs a little mixin' and stirrin' to be fresh again! :)

So, here's some furniture'd but not knick-knack'd pics...
Living Room:

One of the first orders of business in here is new couch cuties...aka pillows. I bought a couple today at World Market, but the jury (ie Bob) is out for the evening, so the tags are still peek-a-booing on them. I love how the fancy silk & pleating on the big puff one looks with the handmade granny crochet throw! Contrasty goodness, baby! :) What do y'all think? Are they keepers?

You can barely see into my scraproom in the first living room pics, so here's a better view. This is a major desk overhaul for me. My old desk was mounted to the wall and super-long. I wanted to move out into the room more & love the new footprint in here. But I need to reorganize and figure out new storage solutions. Another trip into town (IKEA & Container Store) is in order! But here it is for now...

For the kids, they're not so sure about the new floors. It has changed their play habits a more scooters/skateboards in the house, no more tackling & wrestling, etc. In super quick order, I need to find a rug to live in the middle of the room for some cushion--for tushies at play and the echo-y sound! LOL :) But the overall effect is soooo cool I think! :)

My first option is a total novelty rug that just makes me laugh b/c it's so perfect for a kid's room. Not sure yet b/c I just started looking but doesn't this just say "Kid Friendly!"...

For all of you scrappy folks, who really couldn't care less about my paint and floor re-do...Thanks for sticking with me! :) I recently discovered how to do blog stats and was surprised that I'm not actually talking to myself! LOL :) But no fear, I'm totally still a scrappy girl...just sidetracked! :)
I did manage to finish up a layout that I started before I destroyed my scraproom though. Here's my cutie pie Tayvan... :)

I've been scrapping some in the mess too. Can't keep a good girl down! LOL :) But it's not quite show-able stuffs yet. I finished up my DT app for American Crafts and had a lot of fun with the projects! I hope they love them too! ((Fingers Crossed!))
Whew! What a whirlwind couple of weeks of mess, re-doing, scrappy fun, crazy kids, summer camps, and more! :) Can't wait to see what next week holds! :)
XOXO...Stac :)

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Kristen said...

the pillows are DEF keepers!