Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mid-Way there...

We're getting close! :)
The paint is all done and I'm peeking out the window as I type for the floor guys to arrive.
By the end of the day, I'll have new walls and new floors! WOO HOOOOOOO! :)

As promised, I took some midway pics to show the progress.
Check it out...

This is the toy room side of the house (peeking from my red kitchen--yes, that is a bright green picnic table doubling as my new kitchen table). The turquoise wall is my accent pop...times 3! Since my downstairs is a big square design, I have the two outside walls painted turquoise (bookends) and then the middle wall (foyer to kitchen hall) also painted turquoise. The bulk of the rest of the house is the yellow color. The yellow ended up a bit brighter than intended...its a little more *YELLOW* than yellow. LOL But we're hoping that once we have the dark floors in and all the furniture and decor (esp on the walls), it'll all tie together nicely. In my head it does, so we'll see. :) Oh, and that couch is one of my infamous craigslist finds--total vintage citron green crushed velvet mid century looooong sofa. *LOVE* :)

On the other side of the downstairs square, we have the living room and dining room-turned-scrap room set-up. The same turquoise bookend on the outside wall, bright yellow walls, and my beloved red couches. The yellow/red combo in my scraproom is a bit overkill to me. Sigh. I joked about it being a bit McDonald's before we did it, but Bob walked in goes "I'm Lovin' It...do do do do dooooo" LOL I love that he can laugh at my misfortune and make me laugh at it too. :) It's going to need some help...big help. But never fear, I've already got second draft plans...just gotta find the fabric bits to re-do a bit. :) I did get a new scrappy desk to do some re-arranging though, so I'm super stoked about that.

Once floors go in, I'll be bringing all my furniture back in from the garage and out of the kitchen (can you say "eating out?") and getting it all set back up. I. Can't. Wait! :)

One other quick pic to share...for laughs.

Note to self...wallpaper is used for a reason. Do not Mod Podge stuff to the walls. Why and how do I know this you might ask? Well, once upon a time, I decided to "faux leather" the walls of my l;aundry room. It looked great for years...loved it and it fit with the house. :) But in my massive re-do, I decided that it needed to come down. So we started peeling bits of paper off...as we passed by, with every load of laundry, whenever we have a minute. But its taking forever and now it looks like a brown/white cow exploded in there. LOL Well, at least this is Texas cattle country. ;)

Isn't that a riot? :) Never fear, I've got plans for in there too...after I get the paper off! Bad news is, its damaged the sheetrock a little bit, so my plans are limited. I think I'm actually just going to do a similar treatment again...using book pages and wallpaper paste this time! I learned my lesson--wallpaper paste exists for a reason! :)
I've been doing some scrappy stuffs lately, but can't post quite yet. Working on a couple of mag calls and even gulp...a design team app! I'm so excited...back to the days of "will they like me?" LOL It's exciting and hope-filled and fun! So cross your fingers for me, 'kay? :) Layouts coming soon to a screen near you though! ;)
XOXO...Stac :)


Henry said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Staci - found your blog. Your house is looking good!! Would love to come see it when you are finished. Good luck with the team/job. Take care & tell Bob & kiddos hello! G-Red