Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Disappearing Act...

AKA Where in the world I've been since this weekend...
LOL :)

Well, first a fave pic from our annual 4th of July trip to my dad's (aka Poppy)...

It was whirlwind evening of fun by all -- from swimming, hot dogs, fireworks, face painting, and the above photo'd hay ride in Poppy's tractor. :) The kids will remember this forever! Truly awesome night. Of course, I crashed on the way home, only to wake up every 2.1 seconds to say "Are you okay to drive?" to Bob. Apparently, that's annoying. ;) But we made it home safely so I guess it worked. :)
After that, we spent days...days...hours upon hours...
emptying out our house!
WHY? you might ask. :)
Because the painters came today!!!
WOO HOO! This is sooooo freakin' exciting to me. You have to understand my obsession with paint. We actually have paint rules that I'm only allowed to repaint to a room every 5ish years. Otherwise, I'd be painting and repainting every room all.the.time. Well, to be totally honest, Bob would be painting and repainting. ;) LOL
But it's the running joke that if Bob is on vacation...what are you painting? LOL :) This time, I decided I *needed* the whole downstairs painted. Bob pretty much said "yeah, nooooo" so I had to figure something out. Like...Painters! The bestest folks evah!
But with their impending arrival this morning, we had to empty everything and scoot furniture into the middle of the rooms and clean and and and... :) Want proof positive? Check it out...
This is my living room and a peek into my scrap room sans furniture arrangement. The turquoise is our last paint adventure and plays into the new design. The taupe that peeking out in my room is what's leaving...all to be covered by yellow. Lots and lots of yellow. :)
Up next...
This is the kids toy room. You can peekaboo the new yellow color in the back corner of the room. Look how sunny and bright it is! Happy Dance!! :)
The kids were total troopers today b/c we were stuck in an upstairs bedroom alllllll day long, but a new movie this afternoon and a dinner out reward seemed to do the trick. I hope it works again next week b/c...
the floor guys are coming on Tuesday! :) WOO HOOOOOO!
All that nasty, filthy, stained, old taupe carpet is leaving too. Soon to be replaced with yummy dark wood laminate. YEAH!!! :)
No worries...I know Photo Rule 101...
Pics required of everything! :)
I'll get semi-after pics of the yellow/turquoise/red combo that's happening downstairs now when we get some better light (too late today and supposed to storm tomorrow).
And then I'll be showcasing my new homestead after the floors go in and I get to redecorate. I can't wait to pull everything from the garage back into the house and find everything new homes! :)
Woo Hoo! If there's one thing full of crafty goodness that can pull me away from scrapbooking, it's home decor!!!! And now I have a whole downstairs to do! :) Oh, and its totally scrap-related b/c I get to rearrange and decorate my scrap space a bit too! ;) And then scrap the pics and make some new wall doodads and on and on. :)
Off to read my new DIY Makeover mag! :)
XOXO...Stac :)

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