Friday, June 06, 2008

GASC is Great...

At GASC! Woo de hoooooooo! Been so much crazy fun, running straight through classes for 2 days so far, 1 more to go. If you knew how many typos were in that sentence before I proofed it, you'd understand how tired I am! Bwhahahahah! Its late now, by morning, with a little sleep...I'll be going 90-to-nothing again! I think I've scared some folks with my energy, but I give fair warning! ;)

All my classes have been super fun! I'm in this little hide-y hole back in the corner...don't leave except to pee or run and look on the vendor floor for a minute. I've been sooooooo good with the shopping! (pats self on back!) Of course, that might have to do with the long line at the "Everything Heidi Swapp is .99" booth. Gotta figure out how to get there & shop & pay in between classes! LOL :)

Brought my camera. Haven't even taken it out. Bad scrapper girl! Bad. Bad. Been too busy and having too much fun though. Got to have dinner with Ms. Kitty (Foster) last night. Riot a minute as always with that chick! There was accidental panty flashing (wind advisory much?), fire lane parking (totally necessary, uhm right?), getting lost even with a GPS onboard, drunk men attempting to pick up on the whole table lot of us hot work-a-day women, yummy food, good folks, and lots of laughs. And all that was just at dinner! :)

Off to bed. Marla's totally laughing at me tonight b/c I'm in "off" mode. Rare Occurence. But she gets the joy that is Staci Off tonight. She literally had to warn me not to walk into a pole at Walmart tonight. Wha? What pole? Hey, entertainment at any cost! ;)

XOXO ...Stac :)

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dontpanic! said...

Hi, Stacy! So, I was cheking out some blogs of all the awesome teachers I met at gasc this weekend. I loved seeing more of your layouts! You have a totally unique style, which I love =) Thanks for the great classes and inspiration.