Friday, June 27, 2008

Layout Catch Up...

Uhm, hi there.
Hopefully, everyone is up for some layout lovin' b/c I need to do a little "housekeeping". LOL Need to post up some layouts to show "me" a bit, so here goes a layout laden post. (no cards this time! ;) Bwhaha)

Recent one from Scrapbooks, etc Ultimate Summer Challenge (weekly top 10):

Lots of Memory Makers Master ones...
July/August 08 Master Techniques:
May/June 08 Master Techniques
March/April 08 Master Techniques:
March/April 08 Master Challenge: March/April 08 Cover: February 08 Master Techniques (article cover):
January 08 Master "I Wish" layout from MMM entry:

KI Gallery:

My son tends to get pubbed more than my girls (even though they are all the most fabulous cuties ever created of course), b/c he's the one that poses for me! But wanna show off my chickadees too, so here's my girls...pretty in pink:

Wish me lucky, duckies! ;)
XOXO...Stac :)

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CAKVD said...

These layouts are all FABULOUS!!!! Love the fresh techniques!