Monday, September 17, 2007

Back in Town...

So much for regular blogging, but I have a good excuse...
I was busy having a great weekend! :)
1. Family Update:

We went to Bob's family reunion this weekend. Two days out on Possum Kingdom lake. Lots of fun, some not-so fun...but all in all, a great time!

Good Highlights: Kids swimming in the lake. Jumping on the water trampoline and rolling off into the water. Paddleboats. Good food. Family fun. Lots of laughs. Lilli caught her first fish. "Camping" in a cabin just like my grandparents old one (brought back memories). Kids all piled up in the tiny living room to sleep. Family breakfasts with lots of kids helping. Feeding the deer by hand in the morning light.

Bad Highlights: Drive taking twice as long as we thought. Tayvan falling IN the lake and bashing her head on a rock. (still makes my heart race) Not nearly enough sleep b/c I don't sleep well in weird places. A honkin' water bug dive-bombing our bed right as we drifted off. (still makes my heart race) Leaving early so that I could make a OPT Team function that was kinda jacked up.

But all in all...a Fantabulous Weekend!!!

2. MotD:
Trying to work with Lilli on enjoying school work more. Since the weather was great today...I decided to take homework outside. Grabbed the chalk & drew her math table on the porch so that she could fill in her numbers to 50. Still not selling it 100% so at the end of every row, we did a Super Silly Dance! SUCCESS! ;) We did it for 2 rows & I started weeding the flowerbeds with a promise that she'd tell me when she was ready for more silly dancing. *Several* minutes later, she says she's ready. I'm thinking "ugh, you know how long it took you to do 1 row??!! Focus child, focus!!" So I go over & She'd Finished The Whole Thing!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! Major focus, major initiative for her. Silly Dance. Silly Dance. Silly Dance! :)

3. Inspiration:
Been playing with some super simple digi stuff for Tayvan's invite (which you can see on the MMM blog). Wanted to share some fab digi downloads...fonts, brushes, etc. :)
Enjoy!!! :)

Have a great day!

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~*AMY*~ said...

hey the blog. not sure if you remember me from a few months back but i am soooo happy to find your blog! i'm going to link it up on my blog :)