Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Family Fun Day...

1. Memory of the Day:
So we got up this morning with all kinds of plans. Decided to scratch those and head to the zoo with the kiddos. We had fun walking around for a while, before the skies decided to open up and dump a ton of rain in as short a period of time as possible. LOL We took cover under an awning but Lilli had other plans. She kicked off her shoes and danced all through the rain, in and out and all around, twirling and jumping, and having a ball. Declan and Tayvan joined her a bit...laughing all the way before retiring to shelter with Bob & me to watch Lilli. :) And we got to be the RockStar parents today to the kids. We let them all ride the big carousel at the zoo! They had a blast and gave me & Bob a hug afterwards, saying "Y'all are the best parents ever!" Aaaaaawwww! :)

2. Family Update:
Y'all are not gonna believe what Tayvan did today!!!! She was running around nakie after a bath and told me "Mommy! Potty!" I sat her on the potty & she peed!!!!! Oh.My.Gosh. We did the whole pee-pee party song & dance & YEAH! Probably not really full-on ready to train (she's not even 2 quite yet), but at least its a good move in the right direction!! :)

3. Inspiration of the Day:
What do you need for inspiration? Cute, colorful, cool technique...gotcha covered! :) Check out these super cute little pins on etsy! :)



Katie said...

Hey! Where is the etsy link for the super cute pins??!! :)

Oh, and GO TAYVAN!!

LisaNRoxy said...

Holy smokes!! How cool are those pins. I ~heart~ felt!! Between hearts and skullies - look out!

Woo Hoo Tavyn!! And Miss Lili just made me smile - now that is what life is all about! Dancin in the rain. I can ot WAIT to see that LO!!

dannigirl aka*croppin cowgirl said...

alright girlfriend,
i likey your bloggy.