Monday, September 10, 2007


Sorry...went out of town for the weekend. Catch up time...

1. MotD:
My faves of the weekend:
* watching Lilli play with the "big girls" under the bleachers at the football game. It was a lesson for me to learn to let go a bit...she was under the bleachers out of sight, but not out of hearing range with her older cousin to watch her. She did great and followed the rules. I did sneak down to peek on her every once in a while though! Loved watching how she interacts and how animated she is. :)
* Bob playing Kerplunk with the kids at the kitchen table. They were loving playing with Daddy and its a strategy game (albeit an easy one) and he's so good at those!

2. Family Update:
Same old, same old. Lilli=school. Declan=school. Tayvan=crazy silly funny girl. Bob=feeling better, back to biking, working a lot. Me=dancing fool, scrapping nut. Been scrapping a *ton*...can't post anything though. :( Oh, I had a dr appt today. He removed the mole from below my right eye. Its been bugging me...don't want to be "that lady with the mole" so gone it is. :)

3. Inspiration:
I think that this is the new fabric for my couch pillows. I'm going for a vintage-y flea market-y kinda vibe. What do y'all think? Does this fabric look like an old tablecloth to you? It kinda does to me! Yeah!!!!


Charlene said...

Awww girly, I really love this print. It's a mix of modern-ish yet vintage-y feel to me. The color is totally yummy! Are you going to patchwork this??

LisaNRoxy said...

Love the fabric! And you can use any leftover bits for a LO!!

Can't wait o see all your scrappy art! You go girl!!

Missed you posts - glad your back!

Heather said...

Love that fabric!!!