Sunday, September 02, 2007

I'm calling it Saturday "night"...

So technically, its 2am on Sunday, but this is my Saturday post, 'kay? I have a good excuse for my tardiness...I was finishing up a layout for the MFM gallery! :) That's good, right? :)

1. Memory of the Day:
So the kids MotD doesn't actually involve me and Bob. That's gotta be okay sometimes! I got a fabulously HUGE Rescue Heroes station toy off freecycle today. It's awesome..lights, sounds, moving stuff. Declan is In Love. And Lilli and him actually played together super well for a while...she with her Barbie house, he with his RH station. Apparently, Barbie wouldn't leave Billy (Blazes) alone at work and kept calling him to come home. LOL :) But all's well that ends well...Lilli, I mean Barbie, talked "Billy" into coming to the house b/c their kitty (Lil Pet Shop) was stuck in the tree! LOL :) I loved listening to them play together...happy, imagination, love. Its not so common these days...the argue more than play together, so it was nice to hear & see that they still like each other! ;)

2. E-Crew Update:
I think I found some fabric for my couch pillows!!! YEAH! Its been a major long ordeal with lots of searching that ended with 4.99/yd fabric at Joann's. LOL I'll take a pic of the fabric laying on the couch tomorrow so that y'all can tell me yeah/nay. I *really* want opinions! :)

3. Cool Inspiration:
So, I'm sharing a biggie with y'all here b/c I'm too tired to search etsy/ebay/et al. right now. This is one of those sites that you're gonna get lost in, so don't click till you have a few minutes to look around. Its a children's clothing company in Australia. Every page of their site is pure eye candy...the layers, the elements, the design. And then you get to the clothes! Check the layers, the buttons, the texture, the details. Absolutely Amazing Inspiration. It always makes me wanna sew something though! :)


LisaNRoxy said...

Awesome web site! I am a day behiind and enjoying both posts! Can't wait to see the fabric! Great deal.

Charlene said...

Post the fabric soon girl! I'm eager to see them!!