Friday, September 07, 2007

Gonna party like its your Birthday...

1. Memory of the Day:
Today is Bob's 33rd birthday. I should say that our MotD is cooking him a cake, or taking him out to dinner, or something fancy and nice like that. But its not. When I told the kids that Daddy would be home soon, they started to clean on their own so that the house would look nice. Then when the garage door started its grinding noise, they ran and hid (Lilli behind the couch, Declan under the slide, Tayvan and me around the corner in the toy room) so that we could yell....SURPRISE!!!! when he walked in the door. Just lots of love and happiness...yeah, MotD! :)

2. Family Update:
Lilli was Table Master today. A big woo hoo for her b/c its a reward for good behavior. Once the teacher can trust you to make good choices, you get to be a Table Master for a couple of days. I'm not sure what all it entails, but I know she gets to take some extra funsie books for storytime and she was excited about getting the papers to pass out and keeping the table clean. :) WTG girl! :) Especially great b/c Lilli's been talking about how she keeps working hard to make good choices, but not everyone in her class does and she doesn't understand why. I've been telling her to just keep doing HER best and she would be a good example for the other kids. Love that that was reinforced in such a great way for her! :) (Now, if she'd do this at home to be a good example for Dec & Van all the time I'd be set! LOL)

3. Inspiration:
My KI girl, Danni, sent me this link today. Totally yummy fabric goodness. Makes it really hard to stay true to my self-imposed "not gonna take up sewing until I work on my photography" rule. But the fabric is droolworthy. Maybe if I just don't sew with it, if I did something else, I could treat myself to a smidge of it? ;)


Amy Peterman said...

Oh my, that fabric IS droolworthy!! Yum!!!

LisaNRoxy said...

Oh my - i totally think you need a smidge or 10 to scrap with at the very least!! WOW -it's beautiful!

Way to go Lili!! Great job and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!!!
(I am ready for cake :D)

Charlene said...

LOL. Now you know why I am obsessed with sewing and my love for joel dewberry!

Happy belated birthday to Bob!

dannigirl aka*croppin cowgirl said...

hey girlie,
not trying to lead you into temptation, but you should try and make it to the quilt festival in early november. it is irresistible!
they have tons of vintage, {and vintage rep.},of trims, buttons, and fabrics.